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Easy Pain LP

Young Widows

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Released May 13, 2014 Temporary Residence

Young Widows - Easy Pain LP

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Young Widows are a creatively restless bunch. Easy Pain is easily their densest, most disturbingly addictive record yet. The guitars are enormous, the drums are pummeling, and the trademark gut-churning bass is more jaw-dropping than ever. Evan Patterson's lyrics and vocaldelivery are more expressive and dynamic, and the production is absolutely massive. Disregarding boundaries and pushing forward with a masterful command of post-punk, noise rock, pseudo industrial, and experimental doom, Young Widows emit the intimidating force of a 10-piece with the heart and soul of a classic power trio.


Cool Night
Kerosene Girl
Doomed Moon
Gift Of Failure
Bird Feeder
King Sol
The Last Young Widow

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