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A Ghost Is Born 2XLP


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Released Aug 3, 2005 Nonesuch

Wilco - A Ghost Is Born 2XLP

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"A Ghost Is Born" represents another giant step in the evolution of Wilco from alternative country pioneers to genre-bashing sonic daredevils. It's full of extended guitar reveries and rave-ups, hushed late night balladry, orchestral pop, and beautifully sculpted noise that more than lives up to its predecessor, "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot". Iconoclastic and utterly exhilarating. "There's really no one making better rock records"?Track Magazine.



Side A

At least that's what you said
Hell is chrome
Spiders (Kidsmoke)

Side B

Muzzle of bees
Handshake drugs


Side A

Wishful thinking
Company in my back
I'm a wheel

Side B

Less than you think
The late greats

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