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Scream/Scream 2 LP

Various Artists

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Released Sep 16, 2016 Varese Sarabande

Various Artists - Scream/Scream 2 LP

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Back in the 1990s, the Scream franchise helped reinvigorate a dying genre as dozens of onscreen teens lost their lives to masked killers. A movie is a holy trinity: the screenwriter (Kevin Williamson), director (Wes Craven) and musical composer. In the case of Scream, Marco Beltrami is this third pillar. Without falling into the clichés of typical horror composers, he wrote something scary, beautiful and full of personality - which emphasized his career. Currently he is one of Hollywood's most sought after songwriters and is present in the entire Scream franchise. This 15-track collection brings together his scores for the franchises first two films, Scream (1996) and Scream 2 (1997) with selections 1-6 from the former and 7-15 from the latter.


Sidney's Lament
Altered Ego
Trouble In Woodsboro
A Cruel World
Chasing Sidney
Stage Fright Requiem
Love Turns Sour
Cici Creepies
Deputy For A Friend
Hollow Parting
Dewpoint / Stabbed
Hairtrigger Lunatic
Sundown Search
It's Over, Sid

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