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Keep This To Yourself LP


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Released Oct 12, 2010 Run For Cover

Transit - Keep This To Yourself LP

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For the past few years TRANSIT have been at the brink of perfectly blending the Midwest emo they grew up on with the modern pop punk sound of their contemporaries. With their sophomore full-length, that idea has become fully realized. Keep This To Yourself is 14 blasts of fast, emotive, technical pop punk, cohesively strung together so well it’s hard to believe TRANSIT hasn’t released any music since the early part of the 2000s. From the frantic speed of opener “Dear Anyone” to the acoustic sing-along of the last track “Love ____.” one thing is clear; TRANSIT fully surpass all expectations about what five young kids from Massachusetts are capable of creating. Keep This To Yourself is a letter to anyone willing to listen, and when you do, the hopeful words and carefully coordinated music will stay with you for years to come.


Dear Anyone
Please, Head North
Hope This Finds You Well
Return Address
A Living Diary
No In-Between
I Was Going
The Downsides
Photographic Memory
Keep This To Yourself
Our New Year
Love ____.

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