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Lady Wood LP

Tove Lo

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Released Nov 11, 2016 Island

Tove Lo - Lady Wood LP

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Album Details

Critically acclaimed, Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum artist Tove Lo presents her long-awaited second album Lady Wood. The new 12-track effort is the long-awaited successor to Tove Lo's landmark debut album of 2014, Queen of the Clouds. Similar to its predecessor, whose tracks were broken into three intimate chapters (The Sex, The Love, The Pain) – Lady Wood is divided into two chapters: Fairy Dust and Fire Fade. Tove Lo describes them as "the emotional curves I go through when I'm chasing any kind of rush."

Fairy Dust refers to anticipation, as in the seductive slow-jam "Influence" (featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa), and the prowling title track, "Lady Wood." Tove Lo compares that anticipation to "when the adrenaline starts to kick in. It gives you butterflies. It's that tingling sensation of sex." "Fire Fade" captures the moments when that thrill starts to wear off, as in the swelling, unguarded "Keep It Simple" and the cocksure "WTF Love Is." As she says, "You feel a little bit uneasy. And you really want to chase that first feeling again."


Fairy Dust
Lady Wood
True Disaster
Cool Girl
Fire Fade
Don't Talk About It
Imaginary Friend
Keep it Simple
WTF Love Is

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