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Pleasant Living LP

Tiny Moving Parts

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Released Sep 9, 2014 Triple Crown Records

Tiny Moving Parts - Pleasant Living (Blue Vinyl)

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Tiny Moving Parts, from the tiny town of Benson, MN, is literally a family band. Brothers Matthew Chevalier (bass) and Billy Chevalier (drums) along with their cousin vocalist/guitarist Dylan Mattheisen have been best friends since their childhood. As Mattheisen puts it: “We’d be hanging out every day no matter what.” They don’t want to just be hanging out at home, on sprawling farmlands in their Minnesota hometown of just 3,000 residents; they want to be out and about all over the country, which has led to over 400 shows in the last 2 years. The permanent smiles on their faces during their live performances will make you believe that before they even finish their opening song. The group’s positive mindset and close relationship helped them “figure out their sound” over the past couple of years, as Mattheisen says. Their sophomore full length, Pleasant Living showcases a band that has moved past its growing pains and is finding its stride. From the youthful exuberance and frenetic drum work on the opening “Sundresses” to the purposefully suppressed yet emotional closer “Van Beers,” it’s apparent from first listen that Tiny Moving Parts knew exactly what they wanted to do with Pleasant Living. And with the help of producer extraordinaire J. Robbins, they were able to get right down to it in a fashion that excels their sophomore status, entering the realm of veteran pomp. Pleasant Living isn’t afraid to belt you with its powerful emotion, it isn’t apologetic about being in your face–and neither are the lively personas behind the band.


Side A

Always Focused
Fourth Of July
I Hope Things Go The Way I Hope
Whiskey Waters
Side B

The Better Days
Spring Fever
Entrances & Exits
Skinny Veins
Van Beers

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