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Tigers Jaw LP

Tigers Jaw

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Released May 11, 2010 Run For Cover

Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw LP

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If The Cure from the days of "Boys Don't Cry" grew up in suburban New Jersey after 9/11, they could have made this album. The strength here is in the simplicity of the melodies, the garage band sound quality, and the poetic, original lyrics that seem to have been written in a notebook during class: "Today I needed a break/My friends are climbing mountains and I'm drowning in lakes/I swallowed water right in front of her face/Just to show that she had nothing to say." (I Saw Water) Most songs come in under 3 minutes, which is exactly right.


The Sun
Plane Vs. Tank Vs. Submarine
I Saw Water
Between Your Band And The Other Band

I Was Never Your Boyfriend
Meals On Wheels
Arms Across America
Never Saw It Coming

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