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The Illusion Of Safety LP


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Released Dec 2, 2016 Hopeless Records

Thrice - The Illusion Of Safety Vinyl LP

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Vinyl Color: Black

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Thrice is an anomaly; a sublime conglomeration of kick-ass, blood-pumping music, combined with the lyrical phrasing of a literary wordsmith. Their powerful, driving beats and buzz-saw riffs will literally leave you covered with goose bumps, and their melodic hooks and pensive lyrics will dare you to look inward.


Kill Me Quickly
A Subtle Dagger
See You In The Shallows
Betrayal Is A Symptom
In Years To Com
The Red Death
A Living Dance Upon Dead Minds
Where Idols Once Stood
To Awake and Avenge The Dead
So Strange I Remember You
The Beltsville Crucible

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