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Comedown Machine LP

The Strokes

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Released Jan 3, 2006 RCA

The Strokes - Comedown Machine LP

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The Strokes are back with their highly anticipated fifth full-length album Comedown Machine which will be released on RCA Records. The arresting 11-song set follows-up the band's critically acclaimed studio albums, Is This It (2001), Room on Fire (2003), First Impressions of Earth (2006) and Angles (2011) which have sold in excess of 5 million copies worldwide. Featuring the signature-sounding lead single "All The Time" and the idiosyncratic, "One Way Trigger" which the band previously debuted on their website and boasts heavy synthesizer and falsetto vocals by frontman Julian Casablancas.


Tap Out
All The Time
One Way Trigger
Welcome To Japan
80's Comedown Machine
Slow Animals
Partners In Crime
Happy Ending
Call It Fate, Call It Karma

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