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Based On A True Story 2XLP

The Starting Line

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Released Jun 25, 2013 srcvinyl

Starting Line Based On A True Story Vinyl


Vinyl Details

- Double LP with D Side film canister etching featuring a double print center label.
- Center label features a 2 color process, silver ink
- First pressing is on clear variants, enhancing the double printed center label. Future represses will not include the double printed center label or clear vinyl.
- Housed in a gatefold high gloss jacket with full color 11 x 22 insert
Vinyl Color:

180 Gram Clear (LTD 1,250)
Previous Pressings:
180 Gram Clear with Black Smoke (SRC Exclusive LTD 500) - SOLD OUT
180 Gram Clear with White Smoke (Hot Topic Exclusive LTD 500) - SOLD OUT

Album Details

Simultaneous youth and experience is a cocktail rarely captured. So check Pennsylvania quartet The Starting Line: still in their early 20s, but already with a successful debut album behind them (Say It Like You Mean It), and a muchmatured follow-up along with four years of international touring under their belts.
Children of the internet explosion and the Warped Tour, THE STARTING LINE initially met and marketed themselves through the web and were originally influenced by the likes of Get Up Kids, Lagwagon and NOFX.
Based On A True Story brilliantly blends the fresh and the familiar: “Bedroom Talk” and “The World” summons visions of thousands of fists in the air, while “Surprise, Surprise” displays The Starting Line’s uncanny ability to be at once contemplative. Produced by Tim O’Heir (All American Rejects, Say Anything), Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance) and Eric Rachell (Atreyu).


Making Love to the Camera
Inspired by the $
Bedroom Talk
Surprise, Surprise
Artistic License
Stay Where I Can See You
The B-List
The World
Cut! Print It

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