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Kamikaze LP

The So So Glos

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Released May 20, 2016 Votiv

The So So Glos - Kamikaze LP

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"Brooklyn is changing and so is one of its most beloved punk bands - even if just a little bit. The So So Glos are scenester fixtures, but with their fifth studio album, Kamikaze, they're getting better and better at what they do, making a strong case for their hookiest and most varied work yet. Their home base venue Shea Stadium lies in East Williamsburg, but the So So Glos come from Bay Ridge and - like their stubbornly traditional South Brooklyn neighborhood - they aren't about to start trend-hopping now. Even if the past few years have brought Bay Ridge its first hipster-friendly beer garden.

"Kamikaze is due May 13 on Votiv Music and while it has the sweaty garage rock true to the sort of Brooklyn D.I.Y. venues the So Sos helped found like Market Hotel and Shea on. It also includes a good deal of the tightest songwriting the band has shown yet, as well as a true strings-and-acoustic ballad called "Sunny Side." The much rowdier "Going Out Swingin'" sounds like an unofficial anthem for their beloved New York Mets: "Out tonight, the underdog's at bat in the last inning." Only last year, the Mets topped the Yankees as the city's top dog for the first time in the band's existence. Indeed, things are changing." - Chris Payne, Billboard


Dancing Industry
A.D.D. Life
Going Out Swingin'
Devil's Doing Handstands
Sunny Side
Kings County II: Ballad Of A So So Glo
Fool On The Street
Cadaver (Career Suicide)
Down The Tubes

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