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Lost In Alphaville Cassette

The Rentals

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Released Sep 11, 2015 Polyvinyl Records

The Rentals - Lost In Alphaville Cassette


Album Details

Lost In Alphaville is a true sonic achievement, The Rentals’ best album by a mile, a blissfully righteous storm of broken-up guitars, buzz-saw synthesizers, brutally, barbaric rhythms which crumble and crackle against a wash of strings, male and female voices—all blending into 10 perfectly formed pop songs. Not only have The Rentals completely surpassed their first two albums, but Sharp just might be putting forward the best work of his entire career.


It’s Time To Come Home
Traces Of Our Tears
1000 Seasons
Irrational Things
Thought Of Sound
Song Of Remembering
Seven Years
The Future

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