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Consolers of the Lonely 2XLP

The Raconteurs

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Released Mar 25, 2008 Third Man Records

The Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely 2XLP

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The Ranconteurs are a new band made up of old friends, consisting of Jack Lawrence, Patrick Keeler, Brendan Benson and the inimitable Jack White. The seed was sewn in an attic in the middle of a hot summer when friends Jack White and Brendan Benson got together and wrote a song that truly inspired them. The inspiration led to a creation of a full band with the addition of Lawrence and Keeler. While each of these four individuals have had successful careers with their own bands, the culmination of all of their talents is what truly makes The Raconteurs a force to be reckoned with. While retaining all the characteristics that defined The Raconteurs’ first album, Consolers of the Lonely contains more than a few surprises. The bluesy, searing guitar riffs. And great story-telling are at the forefront. Patrick Keeler's drums sound reminiscent of Meg White’s plating, with crashing cymbals adding a primal quality to the numbers. Jack White seems to have moved his analog obsession into a sound that perfectly suits his second band. This album, recorded in analog, on vinyl is beautifully packaged and incredible sounding; with plenty of huge riffs to enjoy at the summer festivals!


Consoler Of The Lonely
Old Enough
The Switch And The Spur
You Don't Understand Me
Salute Your Solution
Hold Up
Many Shades Of Black
Carolina Drama
These Stones Will Shout
Rich Kid Blues
Pull This Blanket Off
Five On The Five
Top Yourself

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