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Wiped Out! 2XLP

The Neighbourhood

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Released Feb 19, 2016 Columbia

The Neighbourhood - Wiped Out! 2XLP

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Wiped Out! is LA-based band The Neighbourhood's 2nd album via Columbia Records. The record includes the hit single “RIP 2 My Youth.”|
The 2015 album and single are sure to give the band’s first record, I Love You, and groundbreaking single “Sweater Weather”, a run for their money with the critics and fans alike. The Neighborhood, who consists of Jesse Rutherford, Jeremy Freedman, Zach Abels, Mikey Margott, and Brandon Fried, was the first band to give The 1975 their first set of tour dates and Travis Scott his first chance before he blew up.


LP 1
A Moment of Silence
Cry Baby
Wiped Out!
The Beach
LP 2
Daddy Issues
Baby Came Home 2 / Valentines
Greetings From Califournia
R.I.P. 2 My Youth

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