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Back On Top LP

The Front Bottoms

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Released Sep 18, 2015 Fueled By Ramen

The Front Bottoms - Back On Top LP

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The Front Bottoms started making a name for themselves after the crash of ‘08 when American youth found themselves saddled with college loans, unemployment, part-time minimum wage service jobs and the prospect of living at home or in shady situations on twin size mattresses. TFB hit a nerve with their first two albums on the Bar/None label--the self-titled debut (2011) and Talon Of the Hawk (2013). They played all sorts of VFW halls and punk houses to get their chops together evolving into a heavy touring outfit that solidified a viral-fueled fan base as they opened for everyone from Tenacious D to Weezer. NPR embraced them along with college radio and press outlets as varied as Alternative Press and Huffington Post. The band now has a loyal following all over the USA, across Europe, even down under in Australia. They’ve started the TFB Motorcycle Club to announce special secret shows, exclusive merch and club meet ups. It’s a no brainer - would you rather be in a fan club or a biker gang? Imagine the possibilities for lyrics emblazoned on the back of leather jackets.


Summer Shandy
Cough It Out
Laugh Till I Cry
Historic Cemetery
The Plan (Fuck Jobs)
West Virginia
Plastic Flowers

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