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Count Your Bruises 7"

The Flatliners

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Released Aug 16, 2011 Fat Wreck Chords

The Flatliners - Count Your Bruises 7"

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Since the release of their latest full-length Cavalcade, The Flatliners have been riding a growing wave of critical acclaim through a relentless tour schedule that scarcely affords them a chance to catch their collective breath. Despite this breakneck pace, the guys are determined to capitalize on their swelling popularity and have compiled another release to stoke the flames of interest. Embracing the traditional method of releasing multiple singles separately from an album, The Flatliners chose to feature the fan-favorite track Count Your Bruises on the like named 7". Count Your Bruises also showcases two previously unreleased tracks from the Cavalcade recording sessions. All three tracks on Count Your Bruises reinforce the growing sentiment that The Flatliners have truly arrived. The sound of their exuberant passion, technical proficiency, and earcatching melody, resound from start to finish on Count Your Bruises.


Count Your Bruises
Sticky Bastards
This Guy Reads From A Card

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