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Born In The Echoes 2XLP

The Chemical Brothers

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Released Jul 17, 2015 Astralwerks

The Chemical Brothers - Born In The Echoes 2XLP

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The undisputed masters of brain-altering, transcendent electronics return with their first studio album since 2010’s Further. The Chemical Brothers’ eighth studio album – Born In The Echoes – is a magnificent eleven-track collection of lean, propulsive machine driven music. From juddering robotic funk to unhinged futurist freakbeat; icy spectral psych to rhapsodic analog synthetics; from euphoric spiritual acid to harmonic ambient distortion, the album is the sound of a reinvigorated Chemical Brothers creating some of the most mind-expanding music of their career to date. Born In The Echoes features a stellar cast of collaborators including previous guests Q-Tip ("Go") and Ali Love ("EML Ritual") as well as first time visitors to the studio – St. Vincent ("Under Neon Lights"), Cate Le Bon ("Born In The Echoes") and Beck ("Wide Open"). In each case, the vocals are assimilated into the music, helping to create music that’s uniquely that of the Chemical Brothers at their peerless best – an unmistakable sound that saw the band (Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons) win the 2014 Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Song Collection, recognizing the duo’s position as one of the most influential acts in global electronic music.


Sometimes I Feel So Deserted
Go (featuring Q-Tip)
Under Neon Lights (featuring St. Vincent)
EML Ritual (featuring Ali Love)
I’ll See You There
Just Bang
Taste of Honey
Born In The Echoes (featuring Cate Le Bon)
Wide Open (featuring Beck)

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