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The Librarians Are Hiding Something 7"

Swingin' Utters

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Released Nov 6, 2012 Fat Wreck Chords

Swingin' Utters - The Librarians Are Hiding Something 7"

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In contrast to the duration (8 years) between their latest two full-lengths, Swingin' Utters haven’t slowed a bit since the release of Here, Under Protest in 2011. Now, little more than a year later, they’ve just finished recording a follow up album. Eager to keep their recent momentum rolling and share the new material with their fans, the UTTERS put together a 7” single titled The Librarians Are Hiding Something. The title track is the lead song off their upcoming full-length and is a great representative of the new songs. It’s a catchy mid-tempo masterpiece, driven by an irresistible melody, and accented with a touch of 70’s fuzz. The b-side is the last song recorded with their former bassist Spike Slawson (singer, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes) and features his silky backing vocals. The Librarians 7” is the perfect bridge from Swingin' Utters last album and line up to their anticipated new material.


The Librarians Are Hiding Something
Rude Little Rooms

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