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Taking The Long Way 7"

Swingin' Utters

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Released Nov 23, 2010 Fat Wreck Chords

Swingin' Utters - Taking The Long Way 7"

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Taking the Long Way is the second teaser 7” including material from the SWINGIN’ UTTERS long awaited full-length Here, Under Protest. A recent slew of touring has proven to be a double edged sword. While it’s afforded the UTTERS’ countless fans an opportunity to experience their amazing live show, it has prevented the band from getting into the studio to put the final touches on the aforementioned full-length. With the acclaimed reception of the new material on the Brand New Lungs 7”, the band decided to release a few more new tracks to ease the wait for the full-length. Taking the Long Way features three previously unreleased songs, two of which will be on the upcoming album and one that is exclusive to this 7”. Beyond the lure of 3 brand new SWINGIN’ UTTERS tracks, Taking the Long Way also boasts quite an intriguing feature: the first lead vocal performance from Jack Dalrymple (One Man Army, Dead To Me). Fans have been dying to hear Jack’s hallmark honey-coated vocals since he joined the band and the wait is finally over.


Taking the Long Way
Young Crumb Follower
Effortless Amnesiac

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