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Acoustic Foolish LP


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Released Oct 25, 2019 Merge Records

Superchunk - Acoustic Foolish LP

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Vinyl Color: Black

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The songs themselves, extracted from the drama of the moment and what people wanted to write about then, are more applicable to Real Life than I thought they would be. Without the embarrassing angst of the 25-year-old, they are just songs about transitions, holding grudges or trying not to, letting go of things that aren't healthy, moving through difficult situations and relationships and trying to be "normal" in the course of all that, even though there's no such thing. We are lucky to have Allison Crutchfield, Matt Douglas, Peter Holsapple, Owen Pallett, and Jenn Wasner lend their great talents to the record and also lucky that Jon has an arsenal of small bells and a vibraslap.


Like a Fool
The First Part
Water Wings
Driveway to Driveway
Saving My Ticket
Kicked in
Why Do You Have to Put a Date on Everything
Without Blinking
Keeping Track
Stretched Out
In a Stage Whisper

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