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Pieces Of Eight LP


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Released Sep 25, 2015 Friday Music

Styx - Pieces Of Eight LP


Album Details

The legendary rock superstars Styx continued their arena rock assault in 1978 with their multi-platinum favorite Pieces Of Eight. As a second conceptual album following the equally successful The Grand Illusion (Friday Music), Pieces Of Eight would go on to be one of the more defining moments in the band s extensive catalog of classic rock masterpieces.

Filled with Dennis DeYoung, Tommy Shaw and James Young compositions, the colossal ten track album was an exciting listen for the fans and would continue to be a much heralded album for decades, truly standing the test of time.

Rockers like Tommy Shaw's Renegade and Blue Collar Man, plus Dennis DeYoung's Pieces Of Eight and Lords Of The Rings enhanced their prog-rock sounds to new heights as the rock and pop music buyers were thrilled to hear these epic sounding tunes. More power tracks like Queen Of Spades, Sing For The Day and James Young's opener Great White Hope made the Pieces Of Eight album so intriguing that rock radio programmers had no issue with playing entire sides of the album without interruption on a regular basis.

Friday Music is very proud once again to offer the audiophile dream releases of the original Styx catalog with their 1978 mega-classic Pieces Of Eight. Mastered impeccably from the original A&M Records tapes by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios, and officially authorized by Styx, this amazing LP truly sounds incredible in the audiophile vinyl domain.

To enhance your limited edition Styx LP listening enjoyment, we have included a poly bag for the much acclaimed Hipgnosis gatefold album cover artwork, which hasn t been available for years, and a poly lined sleeve to protect your 180 Gram vinyl investment for years of enjoyment.

The legendary 180 Gram Audiophile sounds of Styx continue with Pieces Of Eight... only from your friends at Friday Music. Rock on!


Great White Hope
I’m OK
Sing For The Day
The Message
Lords Of The Ring
Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
Queen Of Spades
Pieces Of Eight
Aku Aku

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