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Washing Machine 2XLP

Sonic Youth

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Released Feb 26, 2016 Geffen

Sonic Youth - Washing Machine 2XLP

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After defying their status as America's pre-eminent alternative band with 1994's stripped down Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star, Sonic Youth returned a year later with the adventurous Washing Machine, a heightened and hookless 2LP-set produced by former engineer John Siket. Driven by the ringing electric guitars of Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore and extended multi-layered arrangements, Washing Machine straddles the line of art and invention perfectly and features two of the longest songs of the band's career with the 9 1/2 minute title cut and nearly 20-minute epic "The Diamond Sea." Kim Deal even shows up on guest vocals on the haunting "Little Trouble Girl."


Junkie's Promise
Washing Machine
Little Trouble Girl
No Queen Blues

Panty Lies
Becuz Coda
Skip Tracer
The Diamond Sea

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