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All Hands on the Bad One LP


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Released Oct 21, 2014 Sub Pop

Sleater-Kinney - All Hands on the Bad One LP

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Originally issued on Kill Rock Stars in 2000, All Hands On The Bad One is Sleater-Kinney's fifth studio album, a much more refined effort than its experimental predecessor The Hot Rock. With producer John Goodmanson who helmed the group's masterworks Call the Doctor and Dig Me Out back in the fold, the band offers up the most accessible set of their revered tenure complete with their signature instrumental interplay, advanced three-part harmonies and uncompromising worldview. The album has been freshly remastered by Greg Calbi for this release. This reissue coincides with Sub Pop’s October 2014 release of remastered versions of Sleater-Kinney’s six other full-length albums, as well as a limited-edition, deluxe vinyl box set featuring all seven albums.


The Ballad of a Ladyman
All Hands on the Bad One
Youth Decay
You're No Rock n' Roll Fun
#1 Must Have
The Professional
Was It a Lie?
Male Model
Leave You Behind
Milkshake n' Honey
The Swimmer

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