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Arrivals And Departures LP


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Released Aug 28, 2012 Victory

Silverstein  - Arrivals And Departures LP


Album Details

The world was hungry for a fresh style of music after artists like REFUSED, AT THE DRIVE IN, THURSDAY and TAKING BACK SUNDAY all released their most groundbreaking albums in the late 90s and the early part of the new millen-nium.Inspired by the aforementioned bands, as well as the post-punk of THE SMITHS and THE CURE, and hardcore frenzy of POI-SON THE WELL and LIFETIME, the band set out with tireless ambition and perseverance to fashion their own unique blend of emotional rock. After two critically acclaimed albums, thousands of live shows around the globe and half-million records sold, it's safe to say that SILVERSTEIN not only followed through on their promise, but also showed the world they'd become one of the most enthusiastic, ambitious and talented bands around. On July 10th, VICTORY RECORDS proudly presents their third and most motivating record, Arrivals & Departures. With all of the years that SILVERSTEIN has spent fulfilling their dream and making millions of fans happy, they have also taken time to reflect on the things that are truly important to all of us. Arrivals & Departures expresses a strong message of how life is a series of human interactions with scores of people--and the impor-tance of never taking any of them for granted. The band explains: We must take things day by day, and not complain about the hardships and troubles of life, but rather look at things as the 'glass half-full' rather than empty. People and places change, and life is always progressing, but we need to adapt to it and accept whatever cards we're dealt. SILVERSTEIN's main theme in Arrivals & Departures is, "taking positive inspiration from the negative aspects of life, and taking advantage of whatever circumstance you have to deal with. SILVERSTEIN has crafted a remarkable and engaging album that will most certainly inspire their fans and undoubtedly attract a whole new audience as well. Many great bands have broken new musical ground over the years, SILVERSTEIN is ready to do the same right now with Arrivals & Departures.


Sound Of The Sun
Bodies And Words
If You Could See Into My Soul
Worlds Apart
My Disaster
Still Dreaming
The Sand Will Turn To Glass
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Vanity And Greed
Love With Caution
True Romance

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