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Burning At Both Ends LP

Set Your Goals

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Released Jun 28, 2011 Epitaph

Set Your Goals - Burning At Both Ends

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Born out of the Bay Area punk scene, Set Your Goals first grabbed the world s attention with their critically acclaimed, fan favorite album Mutiny!, released in 2006. 2009 s Epitaph debut This Will Be the Death of Us solidified their place as one of the best bands in the scene, along with garnering some serious airplay for The Few That Remain, " their collaboration with Hayley from Paramore. Burning at Both Ends returns the focus of the last album back to what Set Your Goals do best: passionate, positive punk in the tradition of classic 90s Epitaph bands.


Cure For Apathy
Start The Reactor
Happy New Year
London Heathrow
The Last American Virgin
Exit Summer
Product Of The 's
Illuminated Youth
Not As Bad

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