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Say Anything LP

Say Anything

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Released Nov 3, 2009 RCA

Say Anything - Say Anything LP

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Los Angeles rock band Say Anything's new self-titled, 12-song collection was produced by veteran producer/mixer/engineer Neal Avron, who has also worked with Weezer, The Wallflowers, Fall Out Boy, and Everclear, among others. The band, which is frontman Max Bemis, drummer Coby Linder, bassist Alex Kent, guitarists Jake Turner and Jeff Turner, and keyboardist Parker Case, recorded it in early 2009 at the Boat Studio in Los Angeles. Say Anything exploded onto the music scene with their 2004 Doghouse Records debut …Is A Real Boy, which told the ultimate coming-of-age story in a swirling storm of sex, drugs, angst, and gut-wrenchingly honest rock & roll.


Fed to Death
Hate Everyone
Do Better
Less Cute
Mara and Me
She Won't Follow You
Death For My Birthday
Yound Dumb and Stung

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