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Through Being Cool LP

Saves The Day

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Released Dec 15, 2014 Equal Vision

Saves The Day - Through Being Cool 2XLP

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Through Being Cool is the second album by the American band Saves the Day. It has a more melodic sound than their first album, Can't Slow Down, which was a more punk/hardcore driven record. Through Being Cool was released one year after the band's first album with three of the members having been replaced in the meantime. At the time of the recording, Saves The Day consisted of Chris Conley, Dave Soloway, Ted Alexander, Eben D'Amico and Bryan Newman. Through Being Cool has been cited as one of the most influential pop-punk albums of all time, paving the way for the new wave of pop-punk.


Disc: 1
All-Star Me
You Vandal
Shoulder to the Wheel
Rocks Tonic Juice Magic
Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots
Third Engine
Disc: 2
My Sweet Fracture
Vast Spoils of America (From the Badlands Through the Ocean)
Last Lie I Told
Do You Know What I Love the Most?
Through Being Cool
Banned from the Back Porch

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