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Zebop! LP


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Released Sep 25, 2015 Friday Music

Santana - Zebop! LP

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1981 was a winning year for Santana. With the release of their hit album Zebop!, Carlos Santana and company catapulted into the top ten for the first time in years and altered the course of their musical history for the next several decades. Thanks in part to the appropriately titled Russ Ballard penned smash hit single "Winning," the band not only maintained their solid following, but also brought in a whole new fan base. Following a similar formula as their previous Gold album Marathon, Zebop! is home to such classics as their excellent renditions of Cat Stevens’ "Changes" and J.J. Cale’s "The Sensitive Kind." The 12 track powerhouse also features some of their most revered tunes like "Searchin’," "Brightest Star" and a trip back to the Abraxas sound with "É Papa Ré."


É Papa Ré
Primera Invasion
Over and Over
Tales of Kilimanjaro
The Sensitive Kind
American Gypsy
I Love You Much Too Much
Brightest Star

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