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Santana's Greatest Hits LP


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Released Sep 25, 2015 Friday Music

Santana - Santana's Greatest Hits LP


Album Details

For their first three smash albums, Carlos Santana would take the band to the top of all the popular music charts as these sessions would yield a plethora of hit singles. Their performances were of legendary proportion, culminating with a 1969 Woodstock performance which made them one of the most successful live acts of the classic rock era. Columbia Records honored the hugely popular band with their first best of album simply titled Santana’s Greatest Hits in 1974. Filled with a treasure trove of chart topping singles and hit album tracks from their smash albums, this incredible LP awarded these rock legends with another platinum plus effort. No stone is left unturned, as this 10 track masterpiece is loaded with hit after hit with smash singles like "Evil Ways," "Jingo," "Oye Como Va," "Everybody’s Everything" and of course their much celebrated interpretation of Peter Green’s/Fleetwood Mac classic "Black Magic Woman."

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