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Lotus 3XLP


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Released Sep 25, 2015 Friday Music

Santana -  Lotus  3XLP


Album Details

Historic 1974 live album recorded over two nights in Osaka, Japan. With the extensive 2 hour performance of non-stop hits and deep album track masterpieces, Lotus was also known for its extensive tri-fold LP cover and beautifully detailed artwork. Out of circulation for decades and lovingly remastered at RTI on 180 gram vinyl for its first official release in North America on vinyl celebrating its 40th anniversary!


Going Home
A-1 Funk
Every Step Of The Way
Black Magic Woman
Gypsy Queen
Oye Como Va
Yours Is The Light
Xibaba (She-Ba-Ba)
Stone Flower (Introduction)
Castillos De Arena, Part 1 (Sand Castle)
Free Angela
Samba De Sausalito
Kyoto (Drum Solo)
Castillos De Arena, Part 2 (Sand Castle)
Se A Cabo
Samba Pa Ti
Toussaint L'Overture
Incident At Neshabur

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