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Pablo Honey LP


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Released Sep 1, 2008 Parlophone

Radiohead -  Pablo Honey LP

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Known for their explorative and restless sound, taking influence from old style rock like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young and Pink Floyd as well as from electronica and hip hop, each of Radiohead's albums marks a cornerstone in their musical evolution. Debut album Pablo Honey (1993) was the band's warning shot and answer to grunge, a promising effort with Thom Yorke's vulnerable yet acerbic vocals already in place and a textured three-guitar dynamic that's strident one moment and wonderfully atmospheric the next. In terms of musical maturity, Radiohead was clearly years ahead of their time even at these early stages, yet the band was only scratching the surface with the strong-minded songwriting of "Stop Whispering" "Anyone Can Play Guitar" and surprise hit "Creep."


Side A

How Do You?
Stop Whispering
Thinking About You
Anyone Can Play Guitar

Side B

Prove Yourself
I Can't
Blow Out

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