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Green LP


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Released Oct 14, 2016 Concord

R.E.M. - Green LP (Vinyl Record)

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1988’s Green, R.E.M.’s sixth studio album, was a milestone of sorts for the band: Green marked the group’s departure from longtime label I.R.S. Records; it was R.E.M’s first LP to be certified double platinum, and it was the album that broadened and solidified the band’s success across the Atlantic. An eclectic album, Green featured singles “Stand” and “Orange Crush” and was certified double platinum in the US, platinum in the UK, and peaked at #12 on the Billboard 200.


Pop Song 89 [Remastered]
Get Up [Remastered]
You Are The Everything [Remastered]
Stand [Remastered]
World Leader Pretend [Remastered]
The Wrong Child [Remastered]
Orange Crush [Remastered]
Turn You Inside-Out [Remastered]
Hairshirt [Remastered]
I Remember California [Remastered]
Untitled [Remastered]

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