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Sleeping With Ghosts LP


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Released Apr 15, 2016 UME

Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts LP

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Placebo's dark and melodic trademark sound featuring singer Brian Molko's instantly recognizable vocals has become one of the strongest brands in rock over the past two decades. 2016 marks 20 years since the internationally acclaimed English alternative-rock act released their seminal first album. To mark the anniversary the band are embarking on a two year period of celebratory retrospective activity. Over the next 12 months Placebo will re-release their milestone albums remastered for the first time on high quality vinyl via Universal Music.

The fourth album in the 20th anniversary reissue series is 2003's Sleeping With Ghosts. Produced by Jim Abbiss, the album finds Placebo segueing into a harder sound and exorcising the ghosts and demons of past relationships. Billboard proclaimed that "Sleeping With Ghosts is glorious; an unrepentant emotional exorcism that cohesively hurdles between the bleak and wounded, the exuberant and defiant." The album went Top Ten in the U.K. and yielded the handful of evocative singles "The Bitter End," "This Picture," "Special Needs" and "English Summer Rain."


Bulletproof Cupid
English Summer Rain
This Picture
Sleeping With Ghosts
The Bitter End
Something Rotten
Special Needs
I'll Be Yours
Second Sight
Protect Me From What I Want

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