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The White Tape LP


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Released Sep 18, 2015 JEMP Records

Phish - The White Tape LP

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Phish (also known as The White Tape) is a self-produced album released by the American rock band Phish on cassette in 1986. Often cited as the first Phish "album", The White Tape was originally a collection of original material that the band used as a demo/sample tape for venues, and was sometimes labelled "Phish" or simply "Demo".[2] The album was widely circulated among Phish fans for more than a decade before being officially released in 1998.


Alumni Blues
And So To Bed
You Enjoy Myself
Fuck Your Face
The Divided Sky
Slave To The Traffic Light
Fluff's Travels
Dog Gone Dog
He Ent To The Bog
Run Like An Antelope
Letter to Jimmy Page

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