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Big Boat LP


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Released Oct 7, 2016 JEMP Records

Phish - Big Boat LP

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Vinyl Color: Clear/Cloudy Colored LP

Album Details

Produced by Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, KISS) and recorded between Nashville, New York, and their home state of Vermont, Big Boat is the thirteenth full-length effort from Phish and follow-up to 2014's Fuego, which marked their first in five years. The personal 13-track affair features songwriting from all four longtime band members – Trey Anastasio, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon, and Page McConnell – with Anastasio noting, "There's definitely a point of view to this one. We're old enough to have a healthy respect for mortality." That theme is reaffirmed in the album's breezy lead single "Breath and Burning," which finds the frontman overcompensating for the inevitable end with an unequivocal joy for the present. "I'm not gonna wave away the dessert cart on the Titanic. I want to be like that string quintet that kept playing while it sank."


Breath And Burning
Blaze On
Tide Turns
Things People Do
Waking Up Dead
Running Out of Time
No Men In No Man's Land
Miss You
I Always Wanted It This Way

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