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Unknown Road LP


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Released Oct 1, 2004 Epitaph

Plague Vendor - Free To Eat

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Unknown Road is the second album by Pennywise, released on August 17, 1993 through Epitaph Records. After frontman Jim Lindberg briefly left the band during touring in support of its previous album, Pennywise (1991), Pennywise began the recording sessions for their second album. Released a year before the success of punk rock in California, Unknown Road gained Pennywise supporting slots on national and world tours with bands such as The Offspring (who was just about to hit the mainstream with then-new album Smash). Some archived footage of the Unknown Road tour dates can be seen on the band's 1995 documentary Home Movies. Like their self-titled debut album Pennywise, Unknown Road failed to chart in Billboard magazine. This would be Pennywise's last uncharted album to date.


Unknown Road
Time To Burn
It's Up To Me
You Can Demand
City Is Burning
Dying To Know
Try To Conform
Give And Get
Clear Your Head

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