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No Signal 2XLP


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Released Sep 25, 2012 srcvinyl

Park - No Signal 2XLP Vinyl LP


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Limited colored vinyl

Album Details

In the world of music, it seems there are bands that listeners enjoy but know that they probably shouldn't, because these acts fit in with genres that -- for whatever reason -- they have sworn off. For those who have sworn off syrupy emo-pop, Park will belong to that group of bands. With romantic lyrics and semi-dark guitar parts, this four-piece band has made an 11-song album that would fit in well with groups like the Get Up Kids, God's Reflex, or most of the other outfits on the Lobster Records roster. The vocals have the typically nasal intonation that is all too common in this genre, but it's a rather easy thing to accept. Other than that, it's all pretty much what one would expect from the emo-pop genre, but don't imagine it's as poppy and upbeat as some of the Vagrant Records stuff. There's a gloomy tone running throughout much of the material, which makes for a sense of urgency, importance, and -- overall -- a better album. Pressing Notes: - Lacquers cut at Lucky Lacquers - Gatefold Jacket - 3 mil Sleeve, no shrink wrap - Catalog Numbers: SRC007 / LOB10016 - Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Cameron Webb Vinyl Color: Cloudy Blue (LTD 250), Translucent Purple Mix (LTD 250) Originally Released: 2001 NOW, FIRST TIME ON VINYL!!!


The Ghost You Are
S Is For Susan
At Breakneck Speed
Know Your Enemy
Clue Me In
Wreck Simple
Here On And Out
Cover Up
Untitled (Bonus)

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