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Official Live 2XLP


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Released Jul 24, 2012 Elektra

Pantera - Official Live 2XLP

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Darrell on Live 101 Proof (Guitar World 02/98):"The memory of that is just the best time I ever had, just being on the road and playing to the fans. We were recording for years, and we pretty much went with the last tour to, kind of like, keep it all sounding the same. We wanted to put two new studio tracks on it. We wrote those in something like three days. We came back and mixed them after we went on tour with the Ozzfest and had a couple of days off." Vinnie on Live 101 Proof ( 10/97): "We just felt that after four studio albums, and years of non-stop touring, we'd see all these fans at our in-store [appearances] and they'd be like, "when are you putting out a live album?" So we decided to start working on this live album. We just felt like, let's try to give something back to the fans, and make the very best valued product that we can. So instead of doing a big double CD, or box set, or something that's gonna cost a lot of money, we went for, as cheap as possible, and to make it that much more special too, we went and did two new studio tracks ["Where You Come From" & "I Can't Hide,"] right before we went on the Ozzfest."



Side A

A New Level [Live Version]
Walk [Live Version]
Becoming [Live Version]
Minutes Alone (Live Version)

Side B

Sand Blasted Skin (Live Version)
Suicide Note Part II [Live Version]
War Nerve (Live Version)
This Love (Live Version)


Side A

Dom/Hollow (Live Version)
I'm Broken [Live Version]
Cowboys From Hell [Live Version]
Cemetery Gates (Live Version)

Side B

Strength Beyond Strength (Live Version)
Hostile [Live Version]
Where You Come From [Live Version]
I Can't Hide [Live Version]

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