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Party Shack 7"

Old Man Markley

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Released Aug 23, 2011 Fat Wreck Chords

Old Man Markley - Party Shack 7"

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Since their acclaimed first full-length Guts ‘n Teeth, which debuted at #8 on the Billboard Bluegrass chart, OLD MAN MARKLEY have been touring with reckless abandon. Like some sort of haphazard punk/bluegrass twister indiscriminately sucking in skeptical listeners and spitting ‘em out smiling and jigging, OLD MAN MARKLEY continue to make believers out of anyone within earshot. Eager to build on their growing popularity they’ve been strummin’, pickin’ and howlin’ their way back and forth across the US, Canada and Europe for a year straight and they aim to keep the party rolling on a fall tour with NOFX and Anti-Flag. Although their time on the road hasn’t left them much room for recording new material, they were recently able to sneak into the studio and lay down a couple new tracks for the upcoming Party Shack 7”. The title track is quintessential OLD MAN MARKLEY in both name and content. Lightning fast banjo, violin, and guitars play off sweet harmonies about drunken revelry, perfectly summing up an OMM live performance. The b-side is an interpretation of the One Man Army classic “The Holidays”, done in a manner which only OLD MAN MARKLEY are capable. The Party Shack 7” is a perfect representation of OMM’s high-energy, infectious take on bluegrass and will tide over their rapidly expanding fan base until the release of their next full-length in early 2012.


Party Shack
The Holidays

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