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Home LP

Off With Their Heads

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Released Mar 12, 2013 Epitaph

Off With Their Heads - Home

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Vinyl LP pressing includes bonus CD edition. Off With Their Heads were signed to Epitaph after label head (and Bad Religion cofounder) Brett Gurewitz dubbed them "the best punk band going right now. " Since their 2010 debut, the band have been winning converts opening for such iconic artists as Bad Religion, The Bouncing Souls, Against Me!, Less Than Jake and Dropkick Murphys. In Desolation won glowing press, such as Absolute Punk s description of "a walloping 34-minutes of Midwestern-bred punk rock with a dose of Descendents-like melody... plenty of gritty honesty and good-natured humor, like a punk rock Fresh Prince. " The band has been on the road virtually non- stop, inspiring spirited sing-alongs, celebratory beer throwing and additional good natured chaos. Home chronicles the massive development of frontman Ryan Young s songwriting, and the new sonics that producer Bill Stevenson of the Descendents brings to the band s sound. For their many fans, this is more of what they want; for the waiting fans of Gaslight Anthem, Against Me! and great punk rock, this is the album to discover.


Start Walking - By Off With Their Heads
Shirts - By Off With Their Heads
Nightlife - By Off With Their Heads
Focus On Your Own Family - By Off With Their Heads
Altar Boy - By Off With Their Heads
Don't Make Me Go - By Off With Their Heads
Come Find Me
Seek Advice Elsewhere
Always Alone
Stolen Away
Take Me Out

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