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Early Four Track Recordings LP

Of Montreal

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Released Oct 27, 2009 Polyvinyl Records

Of Montreal - Early Four Track Recordings LP

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The Early Four Track Recordings features some of the most memorable and immediate moments of Kevin Barnes’ career, predating the moment before Of Montreal was a realized band and brings to mind the intimacy and immediacy of early Sebadoh, Pavement, and Guided by Voices albums. As fans should expect, these songs are heavily influenced by 1960s sunshine pop, with plenty of quirky weirdness and lo-fi aesthetics tossed in to keep things fresh. Never before released on vinyl.


Dirty Dustin Hoffman Needs a Bath
Dustin Hoffman Gets a Bath
Dustin Hoffman Thinks about Eating the Soap
Dustin Hoffman Scrubs Too Hard and Loses Soap
Dustin Hoffman Does Not Resist Temptation to Eat the Bathtub
Dustin Hoffman’s Wife Comes Home
Dustin Hoffman’s Wife Seems Suspicious about the Absent Tub
Dustin Hoffman Feigns Ignorance of Missing Bathtub
Dustin Hoffman’s Wife Calls In Detective to Dust for Porcelain Particules on Dustin Hoffman’s Tongue
Dustin Hoffman’s Tongue Taken to Police Lab Where It Is Used as Toilet Paper and Reading Material While on the Toilet (Naughty)
Dustin Hoffman Offers Lame Possible Explanation for Missing Bathtub (Front Cover)
Dustin Hoffman’s Wife Makes Sarcastic Remark, Cuts the Head off of a Duck, Places It Where the Tub Was and Begins to Groan (Growl)
Dustin Hoffman Becomes Indignant and Wets Himself
Dustin Hoffman Quits Bathroom and Climbs a Tree
Dustin Hoffman’s Children Enter the Bathroom
Dustin Hoffman’s Children Don’t Enter the Bathroom

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