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Cherry Peel LP

Of Montreal

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Released Oct 21, 2014 Bar None

Of Montreal - Cherry Peel LP

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Ever since their inception 18 years ago, Of Montreal and mastermind Kevin Barnes have provided a consistent stream of artistically ground-breaking yet remarkably accessible records. Few modern bands have demonstrated such a keen ability to evolve alongside artistic relevancy starting with the band's lo-fi 1997 debut Cherry Peel and continuing through to breakthrough 2005 album Sunlandic Twins and 2007's classic Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? "Of Montreal has written what might be the best record of the year - a beautiful foray into the world of positive, loving, joyfully honest two-minute pop songs that aren't afraid to tell it like it is (or at least how it should be). Kevin Barnes has shared his first major vision with the world, and we're better for having listened - surprisingly complex. Fusing the shameless fun of Jonathan Richman with the mega-melodies of the Beach Boys by the way Weezer and the Beatles. Barnes has created his own signature style by building on the foundations of the geniuses who have come before him." - Flagpole


Everything Disappears When You Come Around
I Can't Stop Your Memory
When You're Loved Like You Are
Don't Ask Me To Explain
In Dreams I Dance With You
Sleeping in the Beetle Bug
Tim I Wish You Were Born a Girl
This Feeling (Dereks Theme)
I Was Watching Your Eyes
Springtime is the Season
At Night Trees Aren't Sleeping
You've Got a Gift

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