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War On Errorism LP


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Released May 6, 2003 Fat Wreck Chords

NOFX - War On Errorism LP

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The highly anticipated brand new album from punk rock superpowers NOFX, and a hard-hitting mix of politics and humor. A fourteen-track attack on George W. Bush and his administration, delivered with the band's signature hooks, blazing riffs, and stunning harmonies. Super-Enhanced CD features a trailer for the independent film Unprecedented (a documentary about the battle for the Presidency in Florida), along with a collection of animated NOFX videos, political info, and more.


Separation Of Church And Skate
Irrationality Of Rationality
Franco Un-American
Idiots are Taking Over
She's Nubs
Anarchy Camp
American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters)
We Got Two Jealous Again
13 Stitches     
Re-Gaining Unconciousness
Whoops, I OD'd

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