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Ribbed LP


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Released Oct 1, 2004 Epitaph

NOFX - Ribbed LP

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Ribbed is the third studio album by the American punk rock band NOFX. It was released on March 26, 1991 through Epitaph Records. It was their last album to feature Steve Kidwiller on guitar, who was replaced by El Hefe. Ribbed is also the last NOFX album produced by Brett Gurewitz (the guitarist of Bad Religion and founder of Epitaph), who produced the first two albums Liberal Animation and S&M Airlines. According to NOFX's official website, Ribbed sold 8000 copies upon its release


Side A
Green Corn
The Moron Brothers
Shower Days
Food,Sex and Ewe
Just The Flu
El Lay
New Boobs

Side B
Cheese/Where's My Slice
Together On The Sand
Brain Constipation
I Don't Want You Around
The Malachi Crunch

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