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Rock Steady 2XLP

No Doubt

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Released Dec 11, 2001 Interscope

No Doubt - Rock Steady 2XLP

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They say you can never go home again. Yet, on their new Interscope Records release and fifth album, Rock Steady, No Doubt has embarked on a globe-spanning musical adventure that proves, once and for all, that home is where the heart is. At the heart of the quartet’s fifteen-year musical journey is a sound, a style and a sensibility that celebrates their enduring bond with millions of fans worldwide: the sheer pleasure of pure pop - danceable, hummable, instantly accessible songs that have become indispensable additions to the soundtrack of our life and times. And now with Rock Steady, that soundtrack signals a return to some of the key creative elements that have made No Doubt one of today’s most popular and enduring bands. Simply put, No Doubt is ready to party.


Hella Good
Hey Baby
Making Out
Underneath It All
Don't Let Me Down
Start the Fire
In My Head
Platinum Blonde Life
Waiting Room
Rock Steady

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