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Nevermind 4XLP


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Released Oct 4, 2011 Geffen

Nirvana - Nevermind 4XLP

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Limited four 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this groundbreaking album from the Grunge trio including 27 bonus tracks. Features the album plus B-sides, the Smart Studio sessions, boombox rehearsals and BBC sessions. Released in September 1991, Nirvana's sophomore album and major label debut elevated Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl from a critically acclaimed Aberdeen, Washington, cult band to generational spokesmen who'd unwittingly created a cultural shift and musical touchstone. 39 tracks.


- Original Album
Side A
Smells Like Teen Spirit
In Bloom
Come As You Are

Side B:
Territorial Pissings
Drain You
Lounge Act
Stay Away
On A Plain
Something In The Way

Side C: B-Sides
Even In His Youth
D- (live at the BBC)
Been A Son (live)
School (live)

Side D: B-Sides & Smart Studio Sessions
Drain You (live)
Sliver (live)
Polly (live)
In Bloom (previously unreleased)
Immodium (Breed) (previously unreleased)
Lithium (previously unreleased)

Side E: Smart Studio Sessions
Polly (previously unreleased mix)
Pay To Play
Here She Comes Now
Dive (previously unreleased)
Sappy (previously unreleased)

Side F: Boombox Rehearsals
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Verse Chorus Verse (previously unreleased)
Territorial Pissings (previously unreleased)
Lounge Act (previously unreleased)

Side G: Boombox Rehearsals
Come As You Are
Old Age (previously unreleased)
Something In The Way previously unreleased
On A Plain (previously unreleased)

Side H: BBC Sessions
Drain You (previously unreleased)
Something In The Way (previously unreleased)

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