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Radiosurgery LP

New Found Glory

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Released Oct 4, 2011 Epitaph

New Found Glory - Radiosurgery

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New Found Glory - RadiosurgeryLP - 800 Clear LP's for Hot Topic, 500 Black LP's for everyone elseNew Found Glory vocalist Jordan Pundik may sing "I'm amazed that we've made it this far" on the band's new full-length album Radiosurgery, but that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has followed the band's career trajectory. For the past fourteen years the Coral Spring, Florida, pop-punk act New Found Glory have transcended trends and gimmicks by writing songs from the heart that listeners of all ages can relate, including three gold records under their belts . The band's latest studio album


Anthem for the Unwanted
Drill It In My Brain
I'm Not the One
Ready, Aim, Fire!
Summer Fling, Don't Mean a Thing
Caught In The Act (feat. Bethany Cosentino)
Memories and Battle Scars
Map Of Your Body

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