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Rancid LP


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Released Sep 29, 2023 Epitaph

Rancid - Rancid (Anniversary Edition)(White w/ Black Splatter)

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Anniversary Edition Colored Vinyl White with Black Splatter Limited Edition **At time of listing, color subject to change unannounced.

Album Details

White W/ Black Splatter. This is where it all starts. Without any reminiscing about their former band Operation Ivy, Matt Freeman (bass) and Tim Armstrong (guitar/vocals) blast through their debut without any hints of ska or blatant Clash plagiarizing. On the con trary, this album rips through 15 tracks of high-energy punk that's accompanied by heavy bass leads and Armstrong's permanently slurred vocals. And to top it all off, the lyrical content deals with urban blight and the lifestyle of being a public nuisance. With this trademark sound, Rancid provides the perfect soundtrack for any car chase that includes massive property damage; is it a wonder MTV wouldn't touch this? -Mike DaRonco


1 Side A
2 Adina
3 Hyena
4 Detroit
5 Rats in the Hallway
6 Another Night
7 Animosity
8 Outta My Mind
9 Whirlwind
10 Side B
11 Rejected
12 Injury
13 The Bottle
14 Trenches
15 Holiday Sunrise
16 Unwritten Rules
17 Union Blood
18 Get Out of My Way

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