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Waves LP

Moving Mountains

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Released May 10, 2011 Triple Crown Records

Moving Mountains - Waves

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There are moments when the members of Westchester, NY's Moving Mountains wonder if they should've been born a decade earlier. Their Triple Crown Records debut, Waves, harkens back to the early 2000s and finds inspiration from bands like Thursday, Sunny Day Real Estate, Engine Down, Cave In, Thrice, and even From Autumn to Ashes. Moving Mountains have sought to create something special, and Waves does an incredible job of proving that. The songs are teeming with resplendent, ethereal, guitar-driven atmospherics that slowly fade into your consciousness.


My Life Is Like a Chase Dream (And I'm Still Having Chase Dreams)
Where Two Bodies Lie
Always Only For Me
The Cascade
Once Rendering
Tired Tiger
Parts In Different Places
Furnace Woods
Full Circle

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