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Panic Station LP

Motion City Soundtrack

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Released Sep 18, 2015 Epitaph

Motion City Soundtrack - Panic Station LP

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When Motion City Soundtrack formed in Minneapolis in 1997 there was a sense of fun that threaded through everything that involved the band. That youthful glee, the feeling that everything was exciting and anything was possible, has been inevitably dampened over the years. On their sixth album, Panic Stations, MCS found that feeling again. The process of creating the new songs, which open a new chapter in the band’s storied career, was based on instinct and openness, a methodology that resulted in a buoyant, impassioned record. Panic Stations is as exciting to listen to as it was for the musicians to make. The feeling of their renewed pleasure for the craft resonates through each note and lyric, leaving you just as inspired as they sound. “We realized this is so much fun,” lead singer Justin Pierre says. “We’re just having fun again. It’s not that we weren’t before, but everything seems so fresh and new on this album. I feel like Panic Stations is a new beginning, and it’s exciting to get to open the next chapter of Motion City Soundtrack’s career.” - Finishing a highly successful 10 Year Anniversary tour of their breakout album, Commit This To Memory (2005) - Motion City Soundtrack have received rave reviews and features in Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, Alternative Press, and many others. - For fans of Weezer, Fall Out Boy and Green Day.


Anything At All
I Can Feel You
Lose Control
Heavy Boots
It's A Pleasure To Meet You
Over It Now
Broken Arrow
The Samurai Code
Days Will Run Away

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